IBC container agitators for 1000 liters IBC

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An IBC container agitator from IBC-Mixer.de can be used quickly due to the uncomplicated design.
Our drives are quality drives from Getriebebau Nord.

A well-thought-out construction of the container agitators, the agitators and their technical characteristics and agitating function ensure effectiveness and simple operation. With a quick release device, the container agitators can be assembled or disassembled on the container in a few simple steps.

Our folding cup agitators and the wings of the folding agitators of the container agitators can be dismantled without tools and thus easy to clean.

We offer the highest quality.

Container traverses with and without forklift openings. All trusses for IBC container agitators are made of stainless steel and a smooth surface as standard. No burrs on edges or holes and no screws in the product space that could come loose.

Fast delivery times and a perfect price-performance ratio characterize us and our range of container agitators and other agitators.
How do you choose the right container agitator?
The viscosity of the product is important in order to select the suitable container agitator. If you do not know the exact viscosity of your application, you can make an estimate using our examples below.

In the case of the container agitators, guide values ​​are shown which show the maximum viscosity for which the container agitator is suitable. A certain power reserve is taken into account.

Viscosity Examples:
Water: 1 m / pas
Butter cream: 550 m / Pas
Fruit mash: 650 m / pas
Gear oil SAE 90: 700 m / Pas
Tomato ketchup: 1000 m / Pas
Mayonnaise: 2000 m / pas
Hair shampoo: 3000 m / Pas
Cocoa mass: 4000 m / Pas
Glucose: 5000 m / pas
Wood glue: 7000 m / pas
Honey: 10,000 m / pas
Epoxy resin: 20,000 m / Pas
Sugar syrup 25,000 m / pas

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